Wealth Management


Wealth management as an investment-advisory discipline that incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management, and other financial services.  



Financial Planning

Our Planning Service includes:

  • Access to financial planning software eMoney
  • Creation of the financial plan, cash flow summary, and net worth statement
  • Explanation of budgeting principles and assistance with goal setting, if needed
  • Help with retirement planning to help clients anticipate:
    • Income needs in retirement
    • Retirement date
    • Investment and withdrawal strategies
    • When to apply for Social Security
  • Help with college expense planning or other goals
  • Estate planning guidance for the transfer of wealth to beneficiaries 

*Clients who do not wish to engage in wealth management services may contract to receive a one-time full financial plan.

Portfolio Management

Our Investment Advice is tailored to each client ensuring clients:

  • Receive personalized attention and advice
  • Are assigned an Investment Objective (“IO”) that meets their financial situation, tolerance for risk, long-term plans and goals.

Our Investment Objectives range from aggressive to highly risk adverse allocation models. Target allocations for each IO allocation model are monitored and managed by our firm's Investment Committee.

Learn more about our approach to investing by requesting our ADV Part 2A Brochure or by scheduling a meeting.


Asset Management

Portfolios are invested and managed according to the Investment Objective (“IO”) selected by the client. Asset Management includes:

  • Selection and monitoring of investments in accounts
  • Continuous management of those selected investments including portfolio allocation changes and routine rebalances
  • Discretionary and non-discretionary trading authorizations
  • Account Reviews offered annually and available more frequently as needed
  • Ongoing communication to keep clients updated on market conditions and Investment Committee activities

Rollover Services

Our level-fee fiduciary advisory service ensures clients can receive advice on rollovers in compliance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. The Rollover Service includes:

  • Proper evaluation and explanation of all available options
  • Recommendations that are in the client's best interest
  • Disclosure of all material conflicts of interest, before advice is given and action is taken
  • Assistance with the transfers, rollover, or opening of new IRA accounts as needed