Just like people, your organization is unique.


Profit or Non-Profit

we provide advice tailored to each organization we serve


Foundations and Endowments


We help foundations take a methodical and prudent approach to investing. Coordinating with the Board of Directors is key. We confirm goals, time horizons, income and withdrawal expectations, and tolerance for risk for the foundation in order to prudently invest.

Endowments: If your foundation has an endowment (a fund established to invest for planned or consistent withdrawals), we seek to know your restrictions and limitations. Whether restricted or unrestricted, structured for principal to remain as investment income is withdrawn, or established for a portion of principal to be released over time, we want to help you address how donations can have a greater impact over time. We work closely with your board to understand the intended use and advise you accordingly.  

Our foundation clients are encouraged to have a written withdrawal policy, usage policy, and Investment Policy Statement. We create the Investment Policy Statement as part of our service offering to most foundation clients. 

Learn more by submitting for a Request for Proposal or by simply contacting our office.


Corporate Accounts

We help our For-Profit Corporate clients invest corporate assets prudently and suitably. Investing for long-term goals may include capital projects, succession planning, buy-outs or mergers. Our approach starts with identifying these goals and then determining a suitable level of risk with the company's decision makers. We then manage those corporate assets by use of an assigned Investment Objective (“IO”). This IO dictates asset allocation in the corporate account and how we will manage the assets on an ongoing basis.  Decision makers are offered account review meetings annually and we can meet more frequently as needed.

Limited Liability Corporations

This pass-through business structure has unique benefits and challenges. We help clients invest LLC assets in a prudent and suitable fashion. The approach starts with confirming the goals and risk tolerance of all owners and, if needed, other interested parties. Once we identify the goals and risk tolerance of the LLC, we manage assets as we do other corporate accounts, with the assigned Investment Objective (“IO”) and ongoing asset management. 


A Note About Retirement Plans...

Corporate clients often offer a retirement plan to employees as well. Our affiliate Capital Retirement Plan Services, Inc., an SEC registered Investment Advisor, can offer advisory services to the retirement plans of our corporate clients and, because both companies are under common ownership and control, they work together to serve shared clients smoothly and efficiently. Retirement Plans types include:

  • 401(k) Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • 403(b) Plans
  • Simplified Employer Pension (SEP) Plans
  • Simple IRA Plans